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Hair Extensions Aftercare

Here at Amo Capelli aftercare is key. Take at look at the do's and don'ts of hair extensions. These hints and tips apply to all methods of extensions.

Key points to remember when taking care of your hair extensions;

  • Secure the hair with one hand when detangling hair.

  • Always brush the ends first and work your way up using recommended extensions brush. I always recommend a hair extensions brush, wet brush or tangle teezer.

  • Brush the hair before washing, and throughout the day to keep the tangles at bay!

  • When shampooing the hair, work vertically not horizontally or in a circular motion as this will create less tangles. The hair should be washed in an upright position, using a shower is recommended.

  • Condition from the ponytail down.

  • Use a leave in conditioner/hair oil and heat on the ends to keep the hair silky and avoid the over use of hot styling tools as damage may occur.

  • Only use the correct products when wearing hair extensions as advised by your certified stylist, i.e. shampoo, conditioner, heat protection products as this will maximize your result and sustain the high quality of the hair.

  • Shampoo your hair immediately after swimming in the sea or swimming pool to remove excess chlorine or salt from the hair.

  • Tie your hair in a loose side pony or side plait when sleeping to reduce friction with the pillow.

What not to do...

  • Go to bed with wet hair.

  • Condition the roots where the hair extensions attachments are positioned - this can cause the extensions to slide out.

  • Attempt to maintain or remove your extensions yourself - thats what us professionals are for!

  • Leave your hair wet for long periods of time without detangling or drying especially at the root area.

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